2023 Colorado Springs Wedding – The Ultimate Planning Guide

2023 will bring another full season of weddings in Colorado Springs. As you start on your planning journey, you may be surprised at how much information there is to shift through. We at Creekside fully understand that. We hope this 2023 Colorado Springs Wedding Ultimate Planning Guide will help you as you start to plan the best day of your life here in beautiful Colorado Springs. We will cover: 

  1. Setting a Budget

  2. Should I book an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue?

  3. How to Get Those Mountain Photos

  4. Have a Weather Plan

  5. Vendors We Think You Should Know About

  6. Room Blocks in Colorado Springs

  7. Rehearsal Dinner Locations

Let’s dive in and start planning your 2023 Colorado Springs wedding!

Setting a Budget

We always tell couples that the number one step to planning your wedding in Colorado Springs is to set a budget. This is definitely the least sexy wedding planning you’ll do, but it is definitely the most important. By having the money conversation, it will make the rest of the planning process a much smoother ride. Start by figuring out who will contribute to the wedding budget. Make sure you get confirmation on how much as well. Wedly says the average cost of a wedding in Colorado is almost $34,000.

On average we see couples spend anywhere from $20,000-$30,000 total on their wedding day for 100 guests. This includes attire, hair and makeup stationery, and bridal party gifts. We actually have a wedding package that includes hair and makeup and a super amazing dress shopping experience which will elevate your wedding planning in a big way and give you memories you won’t forget. 


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Once you set your budget for your dream 2023 Colorado Springs wedding, that will give you a guide as you inquire and scope out wedding vendors in the area. If you book at Creekside Event Center we have a list of recommended vendors that would fit within the average budget. We definitely understand the importance of staying on budget! We want you to know you are getting great value for the price at Creekside. 

Should I book an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue? 

There are many different kinds of wedding venues to choose from in Colorado Springs. They all have unique vibes and unique offerings. Creekside Event Center for example has a modern farmhouse feel to it. Other venues in the Springs have more rustic vibes, while some are more industrial.

Another layer to consider apart from look and feel is if you want an all inclusive venue or a rental-only venue. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you consider you and your partner to be in either high stress or demanding careers, or if you have kids or are still in school, booking at an all inclusive wedding venue might be a really great fit for you.

Another advantage of an all inclusive venue is all of the vendors that are included in the package have worked at the venue multiple times. That leaves little room for error. They know the feel, they know the flow, and they know the other vendors that they’re working with and can really make the wedding day go smoothly. All inclusive venues usually come with a bit of a sticker shock, but that’s because they wrap up all of the services into one package. Make sure to ask the all inclusive venue what you should prepare for budget-wise outside of their venue price.

Rental only venues can be advantageous for those who want to DIY their wedding. We recommend if you are looking at a rental-only venue, that you get price quotes from their required vendors to really get a feel of the total price before booking.

When you have a lot of individual vendors you’re looking at bringing in all of the flatware, glassware, water goblets, napkins, equipment, service fees, delivery fees, etc. so you need to really understand the full price before diving in and being sold on the low rental price. We recommend scheduling several tours at different venues to really hone in on what you want. 

How to Get Those Mountain Photos

Who doesn’t want those gorgeous Colorado Springs mountain views in their photos on their wedding day? What we recommend is getting those mountain photos before the afternoon. Usually, if there’s going to be a rain storm, it happens by mid-afternoon. So many Colorado mornings are sunny and beautiful. Did you know Colorado has the most sunshine per year than any other state? Once clouds come over the mountains in the afternoon though, you really have no idea what the weather holds for the rest of the day.

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Colorado Springs has a lot of great options for mountain photos. Creekside has an article here of five bridal photo locations within 15 minutes of Creekside Event Center. Some of our favorite mountain views for photos include Garden of the Gods and Palmer Park. So many of our couples will either have a first look in one of these locations and then take bridal portraits there, or go to Palmer Park during cocktail hour for those stunning views.

You picked to have your 2023 Colorado Springs wedding probably for a variety of reasons, but I’m guessing mountain views had to be one of them! The photos of you guys with these beautiful, tall mountains behind you will be the photos that you hang up on the walls in your home. 

Have a Weather Plan 

Especially in Colorado where the weather changes within minutes, you will want to have a backup plan in case the weather takes a turn for the worst! Prime wedding months in the early summer get the most rainfall on average than other months. All states are a little different, but in Colorado, a rain storm can appear within minutes and delaying your ceremony time may not be an option when there is a timeline to stick to and vendors that are paid for a specific amount of time. 

It’s really not fun to think of rain plans, but this will save you so much headache and heartache on your wedding day. By choosing a venue with a built-in backup for your 2023 Colorado Springs wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, you will be able to rest easy knowing just in case you have to move it inside you have somewhere to fit everyone.

Creekside Event Center has a few indoor spaces that work well for ceremonies, cocktail hour, or reception. We have the Loft which is a little bit more on the industrial side, but it’s softened by light walls and greenery on the chandeliers. Then we have the Grand Hall, which is our largest event space. This space can hold 300 people seated for dinner. We also have our Foyer which is perfect for cocktail hours. It’s also perfect for small events.

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Even if you book a venue that doesn’t have any indoor locations, make sure you discuss what a rain plan would look like. Sometimes that involves putting a tent on hold through a rental company. Usually it can be pretty expensive if you have to go ahead and rent it at the last minute because of an unexpected storm. Prepare in advance to make sure your 2023 Colorado Springs wedding is seamless.

Just be sure to really like your backup location at your venue. Especially if you’re getting married in the early to mid-summer time frame. You will be happy that you took the time to think about decor, floor plans and all the details that go into making an event space special just in case you need to move inside. 

Room Blocks in Colorado Springs

Room blocks can be a little bit tricky if you’ve never done them before. Basically, by setting a room block you’re guaranteeing that you will have rooms for your out-of-town guest. Many times the block is at a discounted rate from the usual price of the hotel, but in other cases the hotel just may give some amazing perks to you and your guests if you do a room block with their hotel. The best perk in my opinion is a shuttle to and from the venue. If you cannot get a shuttle service supplied by the hotel, the best next perk of a room block is getting your room (the honeymoon suite) free of charge. Some other perks of room blocks include continental breakfast, room service, and even sometimes free drinks at the hotel bar.

Choosing your hotel is a very big decision as it will set the tone for your guests and their experience during your wedding weekend. Choose a hotel that is within 15 minutes of the wedding venue. This will give you a better chance of booking a room block with a shuttle, and it will also be more convenient for your guests if a shuttle isn’t available.

Make sure that you don’t get into a complicated contract with the hotel over your room block. Start small by reserving hotel rooms in smaller quantities if possible. Also reach out to your guests and see who is planning on needing a hotel room. These days with so many air B&Bs and VRBOs in Colorado Springs, you may find that your room block won’t even need to be that large.

Rehearsal Dinner Locations

There are so many great rehearsal dinner options in Colorado Springs. We have listed a few that we really love and think you will too! Some have minimums and requirements so just make sure to ask these questions when booking a rehearsal dinner place.



(719) 394-4137

The Warehouse 


 (719) 475-8880

Phantom Canyon  


 (719) 635-2800



(719) 262-9500

Bonnie & Reed’s  


 (719) 896-4145

I hope this guide was helpful for you as you plan your Colorado Springs 2023 wedding! If you have not booked a wedding venue yet, I would encourage you to come tour Creekside Event Center. We are all-inclusive and have a team of wedding experts and vendors who will make your 2023 Colorado wedding beautiful and stress-free.

xo, creekside team


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