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  Make an initial budget Sit down with your future spouse and decide on what your max budget will be. Remember to consider things like any contributions from family and how much you will need to save before your wedding date.  Don’t forget the little things!  It is easy to think of things like venue, […]

5 Simple Steps to Create a Wedding Budget for Your Colorado Springs Wedding

Wedding Planning


If you are searching for the perfect venue for your day and you don’t know where to start, then this is the post for you. Are you looking for an All-Inclusive Venue or a Venue-Only Rental? If you haven’t taken a moment to weigh the options, read this first! While the price point of an […]

Should You Book at an All-Inclusive Venue?

Wedding Planning


Take our fun quiz to tell you if you should book an All-Inclusive Venue or Rental-Only Venue! 

Should You Book at an All-Inclusive Venue?