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  We know wedding planning takes a lot of time and energy and there is a lot of pressure to do everything “right”. We have combined over 10 years of wedding planning experience from the Creekside Event Center Coordinators to create a list of “mistakes” that we see Colorado couples make that we hope you […]

Top 6 Colorado Wedding Planning Mistakes in 2021

Wedding Planning


Make an initial budget. This can be daunting when thinking about all of the details that go into a wedding. My recommendation is to sit down and list all of the things you would like to have at your wedding first. Start with the big things, AKA vendors!, Venue, Catering, DJ, Cake, Bar, Flowers, Rentals, […]

5 Simple Steps to Create a Wedding Budget for Your Colorado Springs Wedding

Wedding Planning


Photography via Ashlee Kay Photography Are you looking for an All-Inclusive Venue or a Venue-Only Rental? If you haven’t taken a moment to weigh the options, read this first! While the price point of an All-Inclusive venue can seem like a sticker shock, it is typically going to be the best value for what is […]

Should You Book at an All-Inclusive Venue?

Wedding Planning


Take our fun quiz to tell you if you should book an All-Inclusive Venue or Rental-Only Venue! 

Should You Book at an All-Inclusive Venue?