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What are your packages and how much does it cost?

All of our pricing information is available .

Do I need an appointments to come see Creekside?

Yes, you can schedule a tour by clicking HERE.

How many guests can Creekside accommodate?

It depends on which location you choose to host your ceremony and reception, but we can seat up to 300 at certain locations at Creekside Event Center.

How much is the deposit?

For our all-inclusive package, the deposit is 25%. For our rental packages, the deposit is 50%.  

What is your cancellation policy?

Once the contract is signed, you can cancel. You’ll be forfeiting any payments made up until that point. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can we bring in our own alcohol?

We do not allow outside alcohol. All alcohol is provided by Creekside Event Center, LLC. 

Can we bring in outside vendors?

For our rental packages, you can bring in any outside vendor that is licensed & insured. We do have a list of affordable, required catering companies that you must choose from. 

What tables and chairs are available?

We offer farm tables that seat up to twelve for all of our reception spaces. No tablecloth needed! We provide crossback, farmhouse-style chairs for our receptions. We can also provide round tables and linens for couples at no additional cost, or a mix of round tables and farm tables. For all of our outdoor ceremonies we provide elegant, folding oak chairs. For business events, we have round tables and padded conference chairs available.

Are we in charge of cleaning up?

As long as you take care of your decor and personal items, we will take care of the rest!   

Is there parking on-site?

Yes, we have 177 parking spots on-site.

Do you have a backup plan in case of inclement weather?

Yes! Colorado weather can sometimes be unpredictable. We have backup plans for each of our event locations.

Are we required to have a wedding planner or coordinator if we book the Wedding Rental package?

We do not require a wedding planner or coordinator, although we highly recommend having one if you book the wedding rental package. We do not provide any planning services in the Wedding Rental package.

Will there be Creekside staff at my event?

Yes, for the All-Inclusive package, you will have a Wedding Coordinator who walks you through the entire planning process and coordinates your event the day-of. For the wedding rental package, we provide a Venue Manager who is solely responsible for managing the venue.

Who will be catering the meal if we choose the all-inclusive package?

You and I Catering is our amazing in-house caterer who would cater the meal for your all-inclusive package. Having our in-house caterer cater your meal means your food will be warm and served fresh to your guests. They offer a complimentary tasting to ensure you are satisfied with your meal selections.

What kind of florals do I receive in the all-inclusive package?

Every all-inclusive package includes high-end silk floral centerpieces. Those who select a rental package can rent our centerpieces for an additional fee.

Do you allow candles?

Yes, so long as the candle is contained in glass and the flame is 1” below the top of the container. We do not allow sparklers or fireworks.

Do you require a damage deposit?

Yes, a $800 refundable damage deposit is required for all events. If no damage or contract violations occur, the amount will be refunded within 14 days of the conclusion of the event.

Do you require a day-of wedding coordinator?

Our all-inclusive package includes a day-of coordinator. Although we don’t require a day-of coordinator for our rental packages, we highly recommend that you consider hiring one.

Will I have exclusive use of your different indoor and outdoor spaces?

One of the things that makes Creekside unique is that we have five different indoor and outdoor spaces that you can use exclusively to make your wedding unique. For example, some of our couples will use the garden inspired gazebo for their ceremony and then the farmhouse modern courtyard for the the cocktail hour and then do the reception in the clear top tent, grand hall or the rustic loft. This also means with the uncertain Colorado weather that there is always a backup option for the ceremony to be indoors.


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Schedule a Tour

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Thank you for your interest in holding your wedding or event at Creekside Event Center. Please be aware that Creekside Event Center operates in Calvary Worship Center’s church facility where Calvary Worship Center holds weekly Christian religious worship services. Accordingly, weddings and other events at Creekside Event Center must be consistent with Calvary Worship Center’s statement of faith and Christian religious values. Calvary Worship Center’s religious beliefs and values include a biblical Christian understanding of marriage, so only weddings involving one man and one woman may be held at Creekside Event Center. Calvary Worship Center’s religious beliefs and values and its right to limit uses of its facility to events that are in accordance with its beliefs and values are protected by the U.S. Constitution and Colorado law. At the bottom of this page, you will find our recommendations for alternative venues.  

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If you need to find an alternative venue, we recommend the following:

Wedgewood Black Forest

(719) 225-4569

Pinery at The Hill

(719) 634-7772

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Take our fun quiz to tell you if you should book an All-Inclusive Venue or Rental-Only Venue! 

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