FAQs For Creekside Event Center

General Questions

Can we have our dogs/animals at the venue? Is Creekside pet friendly?
A: We LOVE dogs! Creekside does permit furry friends to be on the premises, but they are only allowed for the ceremony. Someone, designated by the Client will be solely responsible for the animal and any necessary cleanup. 

When do I have to make my final decision for whether I want my Wedding inside or outside?
A: If you are planning to have an Event outside, we will also have a Plan B in case of inclement weather. We suggest that you make the final call at your rehearsal. If the weather is worse than expected on your day and your Event must be moved inside, the decision will ultimately be made by your Creekside coordinator at the appropriate time

When does the military discount apply to the package?
A: Immediate mother or father or themselves are active or retired military

Can we pay more upfront if we want or ahead of schedule?
A: Yes, you may. There will not be an additional discount for paying ahead of schedule, but we don’t advise paying your full balance before 10 days of your wedding day. 

What is Creekside’s limitation of hours?
A: Creekside’s event hours may not start earlier than 8AM or go later than 12AM without the written consent of a Creekside coordinator in the contract. All outdoor events must stop playing music at 10 PM. 

Who will be the main contact for my Event and the actual day?
A: If you have booked an All-Inclusive Package, the Coordinator will be assigned at the Planning Appointment and will continue the process with you.  

Can we do a sparkler send off?
A: No, but you may use cold sparklers! 

Can I have my ceremony and reception in the same space?
A: Most likely; this is most possible for smaller Weddings. The fee to do so is $500. Please make sure to coordinate this early on in the planning process with your Creekside Coordinator for an All-Inclusive Package.

What are the dimensions of your farmhouse tables?
A: 39 1/2 “ by 9 feet (108”). They seat 8-10 guests. Our round tables are 5’ tables (60 inch rounds) and seat 8 guests. The Sweetheart Table is 30 inches tall, 43 inches long and 39.5 inches wide. 

What is the size of the stage?
A: It’s 26ft between shiplap panels. 

What are the dimensions of the gazebo?
A: Each pillar from the drains to the top of the gazebo is 7ft tall. The width between each pillar is is 5ft 6in.

How does Creekside do pricing for kids for the All-Inclusive?
A: Children ages 3 and under are free. Children 4-10 years old are half priced. 

What is a service charge?
A: All of our All-Inclusive services are subject to service charge and applicable sales tax. The service charge is an industry standard which helps cover the costs of doing business. 

Can our final guest count change?
A: Your final guest count may fluctuate until your Final Appointment with your Coordinator, fourteen (14) days before your Event. After your Final Appointment, if your final guest count goes down, you will still be charged for the original guaranteed amount. If the actual number of guests at your Wedding surpasses your guaranteed amount by 5% or more, then you will be charged 1.5 times the per person price for each additional guest over the final guest count.

Can I customize the All-Inclusive Package?
A:You are not required to use everything in your package, but you will not receive a discount. You may add draping, heaters, additional DJ/MC time, upgrade bar services, and additional hours. Consult the Venue Manager regarding any customization. 

Am I able to choose my vendors?
A: You must use our exclusive vendors. You cannot substitute the package service with an outside vendor. You are welcome to remove services from your package and bring in an outside vendor of your choice for florals and dessert at no credit to the Client off the price of the package. All outside vendors must provide a business license and proof of liability insurance coverage. 


Catering Services

Can we upgrade to a plated dinner? How much would this cost?
A: Yes. It would be an upgrade of $11 per person to cover extra labor costs.

Can we have action stations instead of a buffet?
A: Yes. Please notify your caterer regarding what type of action stations you would like. This will determine whether or not there will be an up-charge.

How is the buffet served?
A: The buffet is one-sided and served. If the guest count is 200 or more, a double sided buffet will be discussed at no extra costs either way. If there are more than 250 guests, the buffet will go in the foyer area to make room for more tables in the Grand Hall.

Can I schedule a tasting?
A: Yes! It’s one of the best appointments you’ll have. You will schedule your tasting around four months out from your Wedding day or earlier. Please contact You and I Catering directly to set this up.

Late Night Bite Servings? Is there a minimum?
A: 1 is included in the Diamond package, some are an upcharge. B: Must be at least 50 servings

Can I have guests come after the meal service?
A: Yes, but you will still pay for them. We will be taking a head count at various times during the duration of your Event to ensure the most accurate number. The pricing per person on our packages is not solely based on food and beverage.

Do you offer vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options?
A: Definitely! We will accommodate your guests’ needs. You and I Catering will gather this information from you prior to your Wedding day to make sure they are prepared. 

Is there a cake-cutting fee for the All-Inclusive?
A: No, there is no cake-cutting fee for cake-cutting services. 

Additional Costs

What does it cost to rent a patio heater or fire pit?
A. It is $100 per heater or fire pit and includes the propane, setup/teardown. This can be decided the day before with payment the day before. This will be an invoice given to the couple. 

What is the cost of the Champagne Wall? Arches? Floral Wall? 

$249 per wall. This includes 48 glasses of champagne per wall. The Neon sign is $49. 

The Arches are $180 for 3 or $399 for all 6. 

The Floral Wall is $299 

The Floral Arches are $299

What is the cost of Gold Flatware? Real Glassware? 

Gold Flatware is $4 per person. Real Glassware is $3 per person. You can add both for $5 per person! 

Can we add additional time to our Event?
A: With approval of your Creekside Coordinator, Weddings and Events may 14 days out from Event or Wedding. All outside or tent Events and Weddings may go no later than 10PM. All Events may go no later than 12AM, including teardown hour. Additional hours cost $499 for event time. 

Bar & Food Services and Rules

Can I bring my own alcohol?
A: Outside beverages are not allowed on the premises. All alcohol is handled directly through Creekside Event Center. We have our own liquor license, think restaurant rules. $1000 fine per item found on property. Charged to the couple. 

Can we take leftover food home? 

A: Possible liability consequences prohibit any food or beverages from being taken off the premises. 

Can we have a beer or alcohol of our choice at the bar?
A: Sometimes we can, depending on what we can get from our distributor! Just ask us about this!

Can we do beer, wine + signature drinks instead of a fully open bar? 

A: Yes you will be able to choose 2 signature drinks to sub! 

Can we do an open tab for a certain type of cocktail like a signature drink?
A: Yes, you can! Signature cocktails: $6.50 per person. 22% service fee is additional. 

How much is it to upgrade to Hosted House Bar from the Hosted Soft Bar for the 3 hours included in my Premium package?
A: See Planning Website or Invoice for most accurate update.  


Will Creekside have booster seats available?
A: Yes, we can provide you with up to three booster seats. If you anticipate needing any more, please plan accordingly to provide them.

Can we have a kids table with activities?
A: If you provide it, absolutely. 

How much are kids 0-3? 

A: Free

How much are kids 4-10?
A: Half off the adult price

Do kids count toward the bar price?
A: We only count kids 10 and up toward the extra bar hours price. 11-21 year olds get more Shirley Temples than people get wine and beer! 

Can we use the church classrooms for our events?
A: No, you may not use the church classrooms for your event. 

Can we bring in a babysitter for kids at the Wedding/Event?
A: Yes, you certainly can. They can use the Loft or the Bridal Suite to entertain the children. If you would like us to set up tables and chairs, we will need to have a floorplan ready to go. We do not provide any additional supplies. 


Can I use candles?
A: Yes. All candles must be enclosed in some type of glass container with the flame at least one inch below the container’s opening. Includes Tapers – you can find glass tubes. Must be 4 inches below the top of the vase or in water. 

What are the decoration restrictions?
A: Specific limitations apply as to the use of tape, flower petals, balloons, glitter, glue, candles, markers, tack, nails, other such materials, and signage. Decorations must be flame retardant and candles must be flameless or in drip-proof containers with the flame one inch below the opening. All candles and decorations must be approved by your Coordinator. Flower petals dropped outside of the Facility building must be real; those used inside must be fake. You should consult with your Creekside Coordinator for a full overview of allowable decorations and signage items and to appropriately accommodate your needs. Decorations or signage which causes damage or additional cleaning requirements will result in additional charges. All decorations and all outdoor and indoor directional signage must be removed immediately following the Event.

Can I rent decor from Creekside?
A: Yes, you may choose 10 of our pieces/signs. You may decide what you would like and where you would like them for your Event.  

Does the coordinator for the day set out our decor?
A: 90% of the time, yes. We just need to know all that you are bringing in ahead of time. If it’s too much we can let you know and you can designate a point person to help set out some of the decorations. 

Can I drop off the decor the night before?
A: No, unless there are rare circumstances.


Bridal & Groom’s Suites

Can we have alcohol in the groom’s and bridal suites?
A: Yes. Creekside Event Center must provide all alcohol, but we will have options for pre-ceremony alcohol in the suites! Mimosa bar anyone? 

Can we bring food into the suites (breakfast or lunch?) 

A: Yes, you may bring in your own food in the bridal and groom suites. Just has to be from a licensed and insured vendor (Costco, In-N-Out, Panera, etc.) 

Are the bridal suite and groom’s lounge locked during the duration of the event?
A: No, unless requested.

DJ/MC Services

How do the DJ/MC hours work?
A: However much time you use for your ceremony will be deducted from the 4 hours included in your package. Cocktail hour in between is not included in the 4 hours of DJ time.  If necessary, you may add additional time at $175 per hour and $87.50 per half hour. 

Will I meet with my DJ?
A: Yes, you will meet at least once to discuss the specific desires and wishes you have for your day. This is usually done 1 month before your Wedding/Event. Please be prepared with your specific songs and your top 30 songs for dancing! 


Can I customize the bridal bouquet and/or ceremony pieces?
A: Yes, you may bring your own flowers to tuck in. Our florist can make you a custom bouquet for $75. If you would like to discuss a custom bouquet, centerpieces, or additional floral pieces with our florist, please contact Kristin with Flintwood Floral (kristin@flintwoodfloral.com).

Can I get my bridesmaids and groomsmen florals through you?
A: Please go directly to Flintwood Floral for any additional floral needs. Once you determine what you need, we will add it to your Creekside invoice. 

I really don’t want eco-friendly, alternative florals. Can I have fresh flowers?
A: Yes, you may bring in your own flowers, but we will not be able to credit you for the Creekside florals you do not use. 

My ceremony is not at Creekside. Can I still use the Ceremony swag provided in my package? 

A: No.


What if I want a dessert other than cake?
A: Sugarplum Cake Shoppe can accommodate most dessert needs. You will receive a cake credit that you can put toward another type of dessert. 

If I want a candy bar, can I provide that?
A: Yes, as long as everything is purchased from a licensed business with liability insurance (grocery stores, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.). Candy may not be homemade.

How does Creekside Event Center do cake for the All-Inclusive?
A: You will receive a two-tier (7” and 10”). If you would like to upgrade to a 3-tier cake or more, you’re welcome to do so. You will receive a credit from the two-tier cake that you can apply toward a different style of cake. 

The Terrace

What about the weather?
We have a few solutions for inclement weather. If there is inclement weather during the ceremony, you can

  1. Have clear umbrellasclear umbrellas, and we can give up to 100 to your guests as they enter the grounds – based on availability. 
  2. You can have your ceremony in the tent. This will be with your guests sitting at their reception seats.

If inclement weather occurs during the reception, we can drop the side walls on the tent to keep rain or other elements out of the tented area.

Will this outdoor location be available for off season/winter months? (I guess I’m thinking for like November-Feb where guests will have to be outdoor the whole time)
No, it will not be available for off-season bookings.

We have a restroom trailer with ADA accessibility.

How many people can this space accommodate? 
The reception space (tent) can accommodate 130 guests under the tent with a full dance floor. The ceremony space (gazebo) can accommodate 300 guests.

What will happen in the case of severe inclement weather (ex: hail, tornado warning, etc.)?
By choosing The Terrace at Creekside, you are taking the risk with an outdoor event space. If the indoor space is available, the wedding can occupy the space. If the indoor space is unavailable, the bridal party may seek shelter in our small building. Guests will need to find refuge in cars or in the tent until the storm passes. 

What time can music play until? 
A: Music can play until 10 pm.

Will I have wifi access? What if my DJ needs it? 
You will have access to wifi in the Groom & Bridal suites. 
Your DJ will have downloaded playlists and can always access our Wi-Fi in the office to download any additional music. 

Will there be outlets at The Terrace? For photo booths, extra lighting, etc.?