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Thank you for your interest in holding your wedding or event at Creekside Event Center. Please be aware that Creekside Event Center operates in Calvary Worship Center’s church facility where Calvary Worship Center holds weekly Christian religious worship services. Accordingly, weddings and other events at Creekside Event Center must be consistent with Calvary Worship Center’s statement of faith and Christian religious values. Calvary Worship Center’s religious beliefs and values include a biblical Christian understanding of marriage, so only weddings involving one man and one woman may be held at Creekside Event Center. Calvary Worship Center’s religious beliefs and values and its right to limit uses of its facility to events that are in accordance with its beliefs and values are protected by the U.S. Constitution and Colorado law. At the bottom of this page, you will find our recommendations for alternative venues.  

If you need to find an alternative venue, we recommend the following:

Wedgewood Black Forest

(719) 225-4569
[email protected]

Pinery at The Hill
(719) 634-7772
[email protected]

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