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How to Create an Elegant, Rustic Wedding Day

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February 19, 2018

How to Achieve Your Dream Elegant, Rustic Wedding Day

Rustic elegance is a hot trend, including for weddings. I like to think of this style like “natural makeup.” It’s beautiful and special, but it’s doesn’t look overly made up. A rustic, elegant wedding is not too formal in its feel, which is why many Colorado couples are attracted to it. It reflects the laid-back and nature oriented culture of Colorado, but it still looks like a special occasion worth remembering. 

Essentially, achieving this look comes down to this: creating a cohesively beautiful yet casual design by pairing earthy, simple and/or country touches with softer, lovelier, and/or more extravagant ones.

You have so many creative style options and decorations to choose from when it comes to creating an elegant, rustic wedding day. Also, there are an endless number of ways to achieve this look. This may sound slightly overwhelming, but the good news is, you get to choose your favorites!

Want a more elegant look? Add more sophisticated and lovely elements. Wanting more of a rustic look? Lean more heavily on the things that are simple with a country vibe.

When attempting to create an elegant and rustic look for your wedding, here is an important thing to consider: is your venue more elegant or rustic? This will help you determine which decorative items you need to add more of. For instance, if your venue is a beautiful red barn, you will probably want to add more elements that are elegant. Whereas, if your venue is more on the classy side, you will want to add some more causal touches.

With that, let’s explore some of your options as far as elegant and rustic touches go:

Elegant Touches

    • Pastel colors contrasted with deeper jewel tones
    • Linens, lace, silks, draping, runners, cloth napkins
    • Lighting: candles, chandeliers, string lights, or other special ambient lighting
    • Long, intricate bridesmaid dresses (drop-back, lace, detailing, etc.)
    • Greenery & flowers (the more, the merrier!)
    • Gold, silver, diamond, pearl, crystal, or jewel touches
    • Chargers on the table, napkin rings, and/or upgraded flatware
    • Calligraphy or hand lettered signs & menus
    • Specialty chairs (chiavari, crossback, infinity, etc.)
    • Multi-tiered wedding cake with elaborate icing, flowers, ribbon, etc.
    • Table linens with runners and sashes
    • Large, gilded mirrors
    • Specialty staged furniture (lounges, wing-back chairs, etc.)

Rustic Touches

      • Wood (piece for base of table centerpiece, stumps for displaying things, wood crates, palettes, ladders, etc.)
      • Mason jars & mismatched bottles
      • Tin & iron touches
      • Farmhouse tables
      • Cowboy boots & hats
      • Simple, short bridesmaid dress
      • Simpler, weed-like flowers (cotton, daisys, baby’s breath, etc.)
      • Chalk board, framed window, or wood Signs
      • Burlap & twine
      • Simple, casual chairs (plastic chairs, folding garden chairs, toil chair, benches, etc.)
      • Wine Barrels & wood wagon wheels
      • Simple wedding cake without many flourishes, naked cake, or cupcakes
      • Tractors, wagons, old trucks, or other farm-like equipment

Achieve That Rustic Elegance

There are so many different ways that a rustic yet elegant wedding day can be achieved! Slightly stressed out just thinking about all of the time and energy it will take to pull together all of the details that go into achieving this look?

Consider hosting your wedding at Creekside Event Center, Colorado Spring’s newest light and airy, farmhouse inspired venue. With chandeliers, bistro lighting, draping, beautiful wood floors, shiplap, wine barrels, and farmhouse tables and cross back chairs, our venue the perfect blend of rustic elegance that is sure to please any couple seeking to achieve this look for their wedding day.

Interested in seeing it for yourself? Sign up HERE for a tour of Creekside Event Center.

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