Should You Book at an All-Inclusive Venue?

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Are you looking for an All-Inclusive Venue or a Venue-Only Rental? If you haven’t taken a moment to weigh the options, read this first! While the price point of an All-Inclusive venue can seem like a sticker shock, it is typically going to be the best value for what is included. Let’s talk about why!

1. A Stress-Free Experience 

This is a huge plus for anyone with a lot going on in their life. With an All-Inclusive venue, you have experienced vendors, not being the point-of-contact for your wedding day and more! All-Inclusive is the way to go if you are trying to relax on your wedding day. In the sections below we will highlight all the aspects of an all-inclusive venue that make your day a breeze!

2. An Experienced Team 

This team has worked at this specific venue countless times. This means they know the ins and outs of the venue and you can relax knowing they know exactly where to go, how to set up, etc. 

You also don’t have to worry about vendors calling you for set-up times, location drop offs and overall confusion. These vendors know exactly what they are doing and are comfortable with the space already! Usually an All-Inclusive Venue includes catering, bar services, DJ, a baker, a florist, a wedding planner and other essential vendors to make sure your day is as smooth as possible.

Photography via Ashlee Kay Photography


3. A Wedding Planner is Included 

Add this to the no-stress list! You don’t have to worry about finding someone to be your day-of coordinator. Most Colorado Springs Wedding Venues that offer venue-only require you to bring in a day-of coordinator. This could mean adding on another expense that you may not have originally budgeted for. A day-of wedding coordinator could cost around $1,200. That’s not cheap! An added benefit is that All-Inclusive Venue coordinators know the venue like the back of their hand. Rest-assured if anything comes up, they can handle it!

4. Best Value 

When you go with an All-Inclusive Venue, you really get the biggest bang for your buck! My advice, before looking into an All Inclusive venue add up all the vendors separately (venue, catering, bar, DJ, cake, florals, and planner) and see what total you get. Make sure you get realistic quotes including the service charges, delivery and pick-up fees, and any additional rentals you may need like utensils and china. This is the best way to know what a deal you are getting on top of a stress-free day!

Photography by Ashlee Kay Photography

5. Payment Plans! 

Weddings are a big day and they are usually planned many months to a year in advance. Payment plans make it easy to pay as you go rather than juggling a ton of different invoices from a bunch of vendors. Everything is in one place, making it easy and (yes, again) stress- free for you! 

No one wants to be stressed on their wedding day and an All-Inclusive Venue puts your mind at ease. 

Our All-Inclusive Venue, Creekside Event Center, offers packages that are very inclusive and are crafted with the intention to make sure you have an affordable and stress-free experience.

If you’re a Creekside Couple already, what is your favorite part of our packages? Tell us in the comments!

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Should You Book at an All-Inclusive Venue?